kenny hodgart


“Trapnel wanted, among other things, to be a writer, a dandy, a lover, a comrade, an eccentric, a sage, a virtuoso, a good chap, a man of honour, a hard case, a spendthrift, an opportunist, a raisonneur; to be very rich, to be very poor, to possess a thousand mistresses, to win the heart of one love to whom he was ever faithful, to be on the best of terms with all men, to avenge savagely the lightest affront.”

Kenny Hodgart bears no resemblance whatsoever to Trapnel.

Kenny Hodgart is from Scotland and is currently based in Hong Kong. He has written for the South China Morning Post, The Herald and Sunday Herald, The Times, Tatler, Spiked, and sundry other newspapers, magazines and websites. The entries on this site offer up a small part of his journalistic output.

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